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Getting a Taste of the Big Easy is Easier Than You Think

Getting a Taste of the Big Easy is Easier Than You Think By Zachary Schwartz
They call New Orleans the Big Easy. That being said, it wasn’t always easy to find a taste of the Big Easy in Jacksonville, Florida.  That all changed when Copeland's of New Orleans opened in JAX.  Located at 4310 Southside Blvd. about a ½ mile south of Gate Parkway, the restaurant is a carbon copy of the original eatery that was started in Jefferson, Louisiana back in 1983. 
When you walk into the Jacksonville location, you will think you have died and gone to Bourbon Street.  That’s because the essence of Copeland’s revolves around comfort and cuisine.  Just like the sleepy Southern town that started it all, Copeland’s restaurants offer a taste of New Orleans along with a casually festive atmosphere that friends and family alike will enjoy.
Of course, their Cajun cuisine is second to none.  Everything at Copeland’s is made from scratch using only the finest of ingredients.  And what a mouth-watering men…

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