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How intoGo In-App Advertising Works for Businesses

By Zachary Schwartz Want to make sure people are finding you on the intoGo app? Want to make sure those 400 likes becoming 400 visits to your business? Or maybe you're trying to make sure you're getting the engagement and online purchases from the intoGo app? If so, read on and learn how the intoGo app works and what benefits it provides your business. The intent of intoGo is to help our users find places to go and spend their money.  They open intoGo specifically to look for things to do and places to go.  This presents a number of opportunities for businesses to steer individuals and families right to their door.  We’re talking about online matchmaking for businesses at its finest. While your business may already be listed on intoGo, there are many advantages to boosting your business’ visibility by becoming a promoted partner. Boosting your business on intoGo means showing up in places you normally wouldn’t.  Just like Facebook, Google and Yelp, every relevant business is inc…

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